Monday, January 23, 2012

Touchstones and iPhones

When you have five brothers and sisters, you tend to really connect with/understand one...maybe two.  In my case, my sister Amy and I speak in a shorthand all our own. There is not a time I can pinpoint when this started, all I can say is that she makes me laugh out loud every time.  One of our "things" is the Turd Report.  An example:

Thank God for her.  Another example of our back and forth is in regards to my anxiety attacks.  I have serious panic attacks, as in, emergency room kind of panic attacks.  Amy also went through a stage like this, and whenever I am having phantom symptoms, for instance, I'm sure I'm dying, I'll contact her.  We will painstakingly go through all of my symptoms and inevitably she will always end up saying, "Hmmmm...ok, so you ARE dying...bye, love you!  (pause)  Now what?"  Again, it makes me laugh every time:

If I were any more thankful for her, my head would pop off.


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