Friday, June 16, 2017

Where do you think you're going?

I say that to my kids sometimes.  Like, hey you didn't ask me so why do you have a foot out the door?  But this post is not about children for once.  It's about shopping.

I've noticed recently that whenever a friend mentions an upcoming trip or event that they need to dress for I'm always like "I've got just the thing!"  And I do!  Last minute wedding in Phili?  Got you.  Trip to Portofino?  Yep got the dresses the hats and the bags.  Funeral in Maine?  Please wear this.  I think my friends are equal parts psyched and alarmed because some of these items have never been worn by me.  Why do I have the perfect outfit for a bike tour of Napa?  It's kind of weird.

It has happened enough times now that I see that I buy clothes for other peoples lives.  In a world of primarily cut offs, t shirts, flip flops and hoodies I ask you.  Should I actually start wearing the clothes I love and look like a lunatic?  Or should I stop shopping and start donating?

I have everything needed to recreate these looks.  And yet I haven't changed my shorts and tee since Tuesday.