Sunday, October 19, 2014

The story of us. Thus far.

Roughly fourteen years ago I met the man who would go on to be my husband.  It wasn't an obvious fit but it all made sense to me.  He proposed in a spectacular way, surprising me while I was out seeing my brand new baby nephew/Godson in San Francisco in April of 2002.  We were married in Manchester, VT on November 19, 2002 surrounded by East and West coast friends and family.  And mud.  And rain.  Heavy rain.  We moved to London in May of 2003, me four months pregnant and him starting a new job.  Didn't know a soul.  We only had each other.  Over the next four years we had two babies, moved three times and made some forever friends.

We have since moved to New Jersey and had another baby and made more forever friends.  And as much shit as I give him on this site I would not change one thing about our life*.  Happy anniversary, Cano!


*Except the snoring.  And the way you load the dishwasher.