Thursday, September 19, 2013

Buffalo Knuckle?

When Mariah Carey's stylist allowed her to go onstage in that gnarly camel toe jumpsuit not a soul let it slip by.

Then cut to:

My new boyfriend, Luke Bryan, starts wearing the skinniest jeans I have ever seen on a man.

Now, he is sexy as all get out....but my quandry is with the lack of a buffalo knuckle.  For those of you that do not know what this's the equivalent of a camel toe on a dude.  It's usually a dodgy ball split. There will be cock and one ball on one side and just a ball on the other. (Unless you are Lance Armstrong)

Where in the hell are his nuts? Where is his pee pee?

LUKE I LOVE YOU...WHERE IS YOUR PEE PEE????  You must have some teensie nuts, but I still love you.

Actually I love you more as huge nuts are a turn off.