Thursday, October 24, 2013

Confessions of a mum hater, part 2

I think it's pretty remarkable that there are two posts with this title and they are entirely unrelated.  In this case I mean "mum" in the English sense.

Recently my 6 year old (the notorious mama's boy) has been going through something where he thinks he might want a different mom and he feels compelled to tell me this on the regular.  He just needs to get it off his chest.  Our daily exchanges go something like this:

Him:  Mommy can I talk to you in private?
Me:  Sure, babe.
Him:  I was just thinking that maybe I want (insert name of real or fictional person here) to be my mommy.
Me:  Ok.  Well.  Thanks for letting me know.
Him:  You're welcome.*

For the most part I try to be completely unreactive.  I know that's not a word.  I don't want to make a big deal about it.  I say things like "it's okay to have those thoughts" or "you really don't need to tell me everything you're thinking".  But what I really want to say is you're welcome for pushing all nine (mostly head) pounds of you out and then carrying you around on my body for five years.  Dick.


*he is really polite

Thursday, October 3, 2013

All Good ( Or Bad ) Things Must ......

This picture embodies how I am feeling about a lot of situations
Anyone that knows me knows my love interest situation as I've never tried to hide it, lie about it or make it into something that it wasn't.

 You also know that I have the greatest dog in the land.

Dolly in a fleeting happy moment
Well, everything in life gets old.  Relationship situations,  This all sounds morbid, but it's just how shit goes.  You fall in love, do or do not squeeze out a couple of ankle biters, time passes and yaawwwwwwwn. 

My fat ass dog is the same.  I fell in love 14 years ago (when she was 1) we've been a power couple for 14 years and now she is cray cray.  Literally cray cray.  She's going to have to go the big farm soon.  So might my relationship.

You just have to know when it's time to put something down.

When do you call it?

Today is not the day.  I'm going to have another cocktail and get back to you.