Monday, October 9, 2017

Conversations in Crazytown

Mostly these posts are about them but I heard myself saying this...

Maisy:  Mom what are you doing?

Me:  Going through my jewelry.

Maisy:  Why?

Me:  Because I want to sell it and run away.

Maisy:  Why else?


The best part of this exchange is "why else" like my reason is a given.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Where do you think you're going?

I say that to my kids sometimes.  Like, hey you didn't ask me so why do you have a foot out the door?  But this post is not about children for once.  It's about shopping.

I've noticed recently that whenever a friend mentions an upcoming trip or event that they need to dress for I'm always like "I've got just the thing!"  And I do!  Last minute wedding in Phili?  Got you.  Trip to Portofino?  Yep got the dresses the hats and the bags.  Funeral in Maine?  Please wear this.  I think my friends are equal parts psyched and alarmed because some of these items have never been worn by me.  Why do I have the perfect outfit for a bike tour of Napa?  It's kind of weird.

It has happened enough times now that I see that I buy clothes for other peoples lives.  In a world of primarily cut offs, t shirts, flip flops and hoodies I ask you.  Should I actually start wearing the clothes I love and look like a lunatic?  Or should I stop shopping and start donating?

I have everything needed to recreate these looks.  And yet I haven't changed my shorts and tee since Tuesday.


Saturday, May 6, 2017


If you don't love this we can't be friends.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Why bother asking

So I have a legitimately famous chef friend and I don't usually ask for her opinion about food (other things, yes) but I wanted to do a baked brie for something so this happened:

Me:  If I wanted to do a baked brie what should I put on that?  Something cheap and cheerful.

Her:  Either a marmalade or (I forget what she said here because it was so cheffy I couldn't even understand)

Me:  How about pepper jelly?

Her:  Sure.

circa we were knuckleheads

Me:  (the cry laughing emogi)

Her:  (internal shrug)


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Poopsie says oopsie

Anyone in my family can attest that I am head over heels for our puppy Tikkanen aka Poopsie Hopsalot aka Grandmas Slippers (that's the sound he makes when he walks) but he is a for real World Champion rug muncher.

I know it sounds gratuitous but he really does love munching rugs.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Talkin' shop

You know how people go to work and talk about work stuff with work people?  For stay at home moms it's hard to relate for a few reasons.  Our hours are different (we work all of the hours) and our daily business doesn't always interest others.  My husband works at a bank and he tries to care about my job as a SAHM but we just don't speak the same work language anymore.  So I'm thinking about  putting our updates in his vernacular.  For example...

Him:  How is today going?

Me:  I'm long nonsense.  And short gratitude.  Analysts are saying feed them but I'm hedging with a few shares of Tic Tacs to buy me an hour.  Overall the market is looking bull(shit)ish.  How is everything with you?


Friday, April 21, 2017

Game night! in Crazytown

back in the day jack killed it at headbands

We played kids Apples to Apples on Sunday and for once it brought out the best in our family.  We discussed the difference between literal and ironic.  We figured out who among us would choose "poop" when given the adjective "funny" while they had options like "clowns" and "funniness" (I am a straight up literal player and Lulu won all of my cards bc she played me like a fiddle.)  I think the highlight was when Maisy was choosing for the word "sad" and she passed on Raggedy Ann because "She's just a ginger trying to make her way in the world."