Thursday, November 15, 2012

Katie's Fashion Do's and Don't: The man hat version

John C. Reilly- FASHION DON'T

Lately John C. Reilly has been running around town doing press junkets for Wreck It Ralph.  While I love John C, and I'm sure the film is great.... he needs to be stopped or have his stylist fired. 

Some funny guys got it right with some fedora type hats.


Paul F. Thompkins-YES!


David Koechner-YES!
And of course:

Justin Timberlake -YES YES YESSSS!
My advice to John C:  DON'T keep a lid on it.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Conversation with my seven year old daughter yesterday morning, while packing school snack.

Her:  Mom can you write my name on my rice crispy treat?

Me:  Sure (scritch scratch).  There you go.

Her:  Mommy can you also write, "Have a great day!"?

What's next with this one, a kiss and hug?


Monday, November 5, 2012

Times They are a Changin'

Whilst watching "Ethel", initially, there was nothing grosser than everyone calling Robert Kennedy "Daddy".


Yes, it was their dad...but seriously? How about: "Our Dad" or "Dad" or "our Father"...but Daddy and Mummy when you are 50+ is disgusting.

Just as I was about to turn it off, I was swept away by the sentiment.  If you listen to what they SAY, it's quite different than the politicians and a lot of the Americans of today.

-Competition is everything
-Winning is everything
-It's only okay to come in second if you are a Shriver
-It's not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country. ( in my interpretation, don't suck off of the government.  Work.)

What happened to those people?  When did we become so apologetic and concerned with everyone else but our own people?

Ethel Kennedy was the creator of the "Tea Party"....literally.  She was also a massive dog and horse lover.  Sigh, a woman after my own heart.
The other thing you really see, is that no matter how many other women he shagged.  She WON!  Last woman standing wins.  Never second place.

Now, if her kids would just stop saying. "Mummy and Daddy" (as they are old mo fos) we would be all good.

I guess things can't stay the same.  But Ethel is pretty effing cool.  She saw truth and justice.  She was an educator.  She ran a tight ship, she didn't hand off her duties.  And the beyatch could play football.

You should definitely vote for the love of your country. And it doesn't resemble the last four years.



Friday, November 2, 2012

Just Shut Your Mouth

It's true, I've been enjoying a lot of the good life lately, but my jeans were so tight I thought I might be up the duff.


Happily, that wasn't the case.

Although this should be a comfort it isn't.  Why, you ask?  Because it simply means I have to STOP EATING!@#$%^&*(  I mean seriously.  I have to get it back in check.  No more 2 Hershey bars a day, no more sampling of every bolognese pasta in Los Angeles, no more of Arriane's brownies or Susie's cakes.

This is so depressing. I'll have to be hungry for the next month to get back to normal.   Being over forty blows.

Where can I get a tapeworm?


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Catch a buzz

Coffee is why I get out of bed every day so I was distresssed when this broke.

And I don't have a back up so have been doing this.

Which isn't a great motivator at 7 am.  Going from a Keurig to a kettle is just so depressing.  But then I remembered I had these lovely little spice packets for my coffee.  They smell so Fall like nutmeg and cinnamon and they make my Folgers moments kind of special.  You can put them in your brewer or use them like a tea bag in your coffee.  A spicy brew to warm your cockles.


(replacement Keurig on it's way)

Dummy is Having a Ball with Sandy

This is not Dum's actual home, just nearby

A few highlights.

To date:

-4 days without power
 *No TV
 *No internet
 *No heat
 *No hot water
 *Need to boil tap water for consumption
.....and she has three kids
-4 days playing scrabble with Cano (night 3 became "hate scrabble")
-3 nights of pretending it's 8:30 when it's 7:30 so the kids will go to bed
-3 days of no cell service

She has been completely unaware of the carnage that the rest of us have seen.  

Good times.

The great news is that they are safe.  The bad news is that it could be another few days of this.  Yikes.

Love and prayers from,

p.s.  as I was just getting this update, I lost cell service with her.  Ugh