Monday, November 5, 2012

Times They are a Changin'

Whilst watching "Ethel", initially, there was nothing grosser than everyone calling Robert Kennedy "Daddy".


Yes, it was their dad...but seriously? How about: "Our Dad" or "Dad" or "our Father"...but Daddy and Mummy when you are 50+ is disgusting.

Just as I was about to turn it off, I was swept away by the sentiment.  If you listen to what they SAY, it's quite different than the politicians and a lot of the Americans of today.

-Competition is everything
-Winning is everything
-It's only okay to come in second if you are a Shriver
-It's not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country. ( in my interpretation, don't suck off of the government.  Work.)

What happened to those people?  When did we become so apologetic and concerned with everyone else but our own people?

Ethel Kennedy was the creator of the "Tea Party"....literally.  She was also a massive dog and horse lover.  Sigh, a woman after my own heart.
The other thing you really see, is that no matter how many other women he shagged.  She WON!  Last woman standing wins.  Never second place.

Now, if her kids would just stop saying. "Mummy and Daddy" (as they are old mo fos) we would be all good.

I guess things can't stay the same.  But Ethel is pretty effing cool.  She saw truth and justice.  She was an educator.  She ran a tight ship, she didn't hand off her duties.  And the beyatch could play football.

You should definitely vote for the love of your country. And it doesn't resemble the last four years.



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