Thursday, November 1, 2012

Catch a buzz

Coffee is why I get out of bed every day so I was distresssed when this broke.

And I don't have a back up so have been doing this.

Which isn't a great motivator at 7 am.  Going from a Keurig to a kettle is just so depressing.  But then I remembered I had these lovely little spice packets for my coffee.  They smell so Fall like nutmeg and cinnamon and they make my Folgers moments kind of special.  You can put them in your brewer or use them like a tea bag in your coffee.  A spicy brew to warm your cockles.


(replacement Keurig on it's way)


  1. So glad you and your cockles enjoyed it! Hope life is getting back to normal around your parts.

  2. Replacement Keurig arrived just in time for the two week power outage. We are all powered up now but it is a MESS out here. Ugh.