Sunday, January 15, 2012

Someone needs to do this

When our first baby was born we were in London and didn't have any family nearby or anyone we knew well and felt like we could trust to watch her while we went out for a little bit.  We just wanted one date night a week.  Well we found this service called Childminders that was a game changer for us.  It's a vetted collection of women who are nannies, baby nurses, doulas, teachers who babysit on the side.  Every one of them knew so much more about children then I did.  They got her to eat more, sleep longer, helped with her eczema.  Plus, they said things like, "Come here, poppet!" or "Look at her cheeky smile!" or "She is so clever, well done you!"  The rate was fair, even for UK standards, at like $10.00 / hour and there was a four hour minimum.  Which is actually perfect because it gives you as much time as you need to go over in minute detail the baby's schedule, preferences, personality ad nauseum and still leaves you plenty of time to go out for dinner and worry that she is going to steal your baby.  Jusk kidding!  No, I'm not kidding I did think that the first few times.  But it wasn't long before I barely caught her first name as I sprinted out the front door.  Sittercity is a nice option but it's no Childminders.  Come on, someone who is less lazy than me needs to start this business.