Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dating 101

I've been out of the game for a while but as I was watching The Bachelor last night I realized that a couple of these young gals need a few pointers.

First up, Elyse.

Elyse had her first one on one date with Ben and as they sat down for dinner she started in on how she was "sick of being single".  She went on about how she just wants to find someone, anyone who wants to be with her.  HA!  Seriously?  "Nobody wants me" is about the least attractive thing you can say to someone.  Even gross guys will start to think they are better than you.  It's human nature.  Nobody wants to be the sucker who dates the loser that no one else wants.

Next, Emily.

Emily had some alone time with Ben at the rose ceremony and AGAIN, used these precious moments to talk about her nemesis Courtney (my fave, by the way.  She is the devil).  Well, again, it seems so obvious but you don't bad mouth the hottest girl in the house or you just look jealous and petty.  And you're wasting time.  Make out with him you big dummy.  For reasons I will never understand, Ben gave her a rose later.  Get your act together Emily.  I'm watching you.



  1. The name Elyse, I read as Elsie. Dyslexia? Or does she just look like a cow?

    Emily needs to lose the Dancing with Stars get up and put a smile on that face before I punch it.

    I need to start watching.


  2. I wanna see you punch it!

    Love, me

    1. I'm off to the gym to practice. Perhaps you could show me some moves?


  3. Oh dear. I forgot how delightful this show is. Time to set the DVR for some late night giggles.