Monday, December 26, 2011

So that happened.

Christmas timeline.

5:49 AM:  woken up by the children.  Anything with a 5 handle is just uncivilized.
7:20 AM:  watched the carnage as five kids opened 2,000 gifts in under three minutes.
8:00 AM:  got the mouth sweats as I made a "breakfast casserole".  This might have to be it's own post.
11:30 AM:  screamed at someone as they left for church.
1:30 PM:  gave my kids popsicles and candy canes for lunch.
2:00 PM:  started prepping dinner for 11 people.
5:00 PM:  cleaned fresh vomit off the sofa cushions.  Maybe not so surprising considering 1:30
7:00 PM:  put Neosporin on the neck of a boy after a freak basement accident involving string, stairs and a gym mat.
11:00 PM:  played "He said, she said" with my in-laws.  I know.
2:00 AM:  gave juice to a four year old having a night terror.

Wiped a thousand tears.

Happy birthday, Jesus!



  1. My Christmas was similar - minus the vom...THIS TIME.
    He Said She Said with the In Laws? I'm going to call foul on this one (unless by in law, you mean Erin Darwin)! I haven't played any version of this game when there wasn't talk about "balls" "grinding" "doing the Frombe" (that's the shortened from behind for the newbies). You are either brave, crazy, or weirdly close to your in laws!

  2. Dummy,

    That post made me need a nap. I was just trouncing around with this fabulous Moroccan woman and a very gay man. We watched "A Diva's Christmas Carol". Heaven.


    p.s. I miss you a LOT

  3. Andi: HSSS game highlights include balls, taint, butthole, dingleberries and dry humping. Plus all the he's and she's were pretty much family members. I'm not sure I will ever be able to make eye contact with them again.

  4. Dum,

    Your last comment made Cabernet shoot out my nose. (I know I'm not supposed to be drinking w/ recent Dr. Kevin work, but let's be realistic)

    I love you.