Sunday, December 18, 2011

Leave it to the professionals

If you are a "bottled blonde" you should never try to sort your roots out yourself. THIS is what happens:

That hot mess is some Clairol platinum blonde.  WHY would I pick platinum blonde?  My hair is darker than my effing eyebrows.  After this hideous debacle,  a hairdresser told me that if I ever absolutely had to address my own roots, to use something from Whole Foods.  She said a "highlighting kit", which I didn't find.  I tried Tints of Nature the next time.  Muuuuch better.

The only good thing that came out of this terrifying dye job was spending time with my family:
Next to me: brother Patrick. Darling.  White shirt: brother Mike. Darling. Next to Mike: My niece Elle. Amazing and just accepted to the University of Virginia, which I lovingly call University of Va J J.  Yes, I call Virginia, Vagina (which is then shortened to Va J J) because I am semi-retarded.

Thank you bad roots.  I love you Morgans.