Tuesday, December 6, 2011

School run essentials

Some people are disciplined enough to get up before their kids in the morning and perform some grooming rituals before making the school run. If not a full blown shower then at least a face wash and some real clothes. Others don't even try to pretend they are not wearing their pajamas. I lean toward the latter but have a few tricks up my sleeve to not appear to be so. My essentials.

1. Bright cream blush. Applied liberally. I use Stila in Petunia or Nars Multiple in Orgasm to add a little brightness to my early morning pallor. I keep it by the front door. With the Purell.
2. A wool hat. Keeps the rain off the lid and can mask dirty roots and let the nice looking bit show.
3. A knee length coat. Not the sporty kind, more like a nice low key wool single breasted. You can actually be wearing your pajamas and no one will ever know.
4. Leggings. Pop the coat on top and off you go.
5. Loose jeans. For when the leggings are becoming conspicuous.
6. Flip flops. Until the temperature nears the 30's I am in these because I can kick off my slippers and walk out the door.
7. Uggs. I know. Not so chic but they have the kick off the slippers factor when temps dive.
8. Wellies. For rain.
9. A giant parka. Lined, super warm, maybe some fur trim. Mid thigh to knee length.
10. Sunglasses. I have an obscene amount. Mostly ray bans. So necessary in the morning.

Am I missing anything?


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