Sunday, December 11, 2011

Parent teacher conferences

I wish I could say this post is about my kids or being a parent but, no!  This one is also about me.  I am a pleaser by nature.  And am quite nervous around authority figures.  But, I've been through the conferences before and my second graders teacher is 20 years younger than me so I felt pretty good going in.  That one went well.  We didn't even need the allotted 20 mins.  I didn't start sweating.  But the second one got away from me...

My first graders teacher is older.  Elderly.  Older and wiser and the boss of me.  I was fine at first, still feeling the confidence of the previous conference.  After fifteen minutes I felt we had covered everything so I started packing up my pen and notepad*.  She sat back in her chair and smiled.  Oh, I thought, this isn't over until she says it's over.  That's when I got weird and started saying things like this.

"Well, she sure loves to learn!!"  And, "She just keeps growing!!  Everyday!!"

And she blank stared at me.

I went on and on.  I think I said something about our whole family being "school lovers!!!".  She had nothing to say about my daughter after the initial fifteen, in hindsight I think she was just wanting to hang out and chat.  When will this need to please people that just makes people uncomfortable ever leave my body?

*No I didn't take notes.  It was my Christmas list, I just didn't want her to think I was a slacker.

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  1. From one people pleaser to another...I spent all of Friday finishing homemade Christmas gifts for the kids' teachers... and I don't do crafts.


    (P.s. Tiff forgot to finish I just put love Tiff at the bottom) love,katie