Friday, December 2, 2011

Skinny jeans

My fellow dummy's have a different way of dressing. They always look put together. Done up. My style slants a little to the inappropriate for my age and I have been known to rock the occasional drop crotch trouser. Maybe a harem pant. Boyfriend jeans are my back up. Not so sexy. My two superdum friends would never ever be so frankly revolting. They are, however, pretty fit for forty. So, to bring us together in fashion I am thinking skinny jeans. Not a new concept but with a rolled up ankle and some cute! Can't stand it. They would both look fab in skinny jeans. Tiffany might add a pair of converse ( so French) and Katie would showcase her newest heel for a night out. I would wear a mid heel bootie. Where are you, mid heel bootie?


Pics from Elin Kling


  1. Lady, I have seen those drop crotch AND the harem pants...they are horrifying. You do make them work somehow. Perhaps it's because you are super sexy? Beyatch. You could wear a potato sack and make it chic.

    Have I called you a beyatch yet, beyatch?

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  3. Is that Kristen's husband? Who is signed in as Superdum????

    How dare you?!

  4. I googled "harem pants" and this came up. I had no idea it was you guys.

    I'm still not wearing under pants.