Saturday, December 31, 2011

Match your What? (I had to change "that" word for some Victorian sensibilities)

It has recently come to my attention that ladies are actually "styling" their bits.  A few things alarm me about this.

First off, when did it become "en Vogue" again to have a 70's bush? Secondly, who do you suppose was the first person to say, "Could you save a little of that 'Auburn 407 for my downstairs mix-up?' "

If I were to try to match My Va J J, we lovingly call Larry( because when a wax is needed it resembles my girlfriend's Dad's balding head), I would look like Sinead O'Connor before she gained 300lbs and grew hair.

Ladies, this is an alarming trend I can NOT get behind...or for that matter, in front of.  Please go get your junk waxed straight away, and save the bleach or color for the glorious hair on your head.

Thanks in advance,


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