Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Name that tuna

(Left to Right: Rick Darwin, Erin Darwin, Dr. Rick Harris, Katie Morgan.  2000)

After Dum's dad's memorial we all gathered at her childhood home to reflect, visit and drink.  After a few cocktails were securely down our gullets, Dum's brother Rick looked at me and said, "Um.  I think it's probably time to retire the name 'Larry'."  Rick's childhood friend Dr. Harris was confused.  We explained that because of the spotty hair downstairs mix up was occasionally referred to as "Larry".  We tossed around a few other family names for my bits but Dr. Harris had the best suggestion when he said "Why not just get those three random hairs lasered off and call it 'Jean-Luc Picard' ?"  

I'm SO going to do it.  Although I think I will go with Telly for Telly Savalas. 
 Thank you Dr. Harris!


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