Saturday, February 11, 2012

Smell my butt

When it's tub time at my house I usually get a WHY??  And I usually say it's because you don't smell very good.  So when my four year old asked me to smell his butt after his tub I wasn't surprised.  But (hehe), I demured.  I said I didn't feel like it.  I said I don't really like to smell butts.  He would not be swayed.  Four or five requests later I just looked at my watch and said I was really busy and didn't have time.  How am I doing?

Kristen aka supermom

1 comment:

  1. Kristen - this made me cackle on it's own merit, but also reminded me of when a family friend had his potty-training grandson return pant-less to Grandpa after doing his bathroom business, turn his back, bend over and spread his cheeks so that Grandpa could check to see if he had wiped well enough. As a mother, I applaud your stalling technique, I mean parenting skills - you're doing just fine, keep up the good work! :-)