Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My "Problems" are starting to sound like an episode from the Housewives

Um, Where am I?

If you have ever opened your eyes in bed and thought this, you know how alarming it is.  I am away as much, if not more, than I'm home.  Although I clearly love to travel it can start to eff with your brain.  This morning was the second time in a week that I've had this feeling.  I'm going to Snowmass on Thursday morning, which means I'll just be getting used to being in my bed when I rip myself away from it again. 

p.s. why are my eyebrows moving?  I need to see Dr. Kevin



  1. Oh sweet pea, it's too early to be "thinking" such complicated thoughts. God did not make you this pretty so you could waste all that glycogen on fueling your brain! Dang- go make yourself a mimosa and get to the gym.

    1. Kyle,

      Have I told you lately that I love you? would be so proud DAY 2! Did shoulders and triceps and then a spin class. Immediately following I had a basic earth smoothie with banana and 40 grams of protein. I'm already down about 6lbs from when we spoke simply because you made me aware of what I was eating and drinking.

      You are the greatest in the land.