Thursday, February 9, 2012

Girl Crush

After a trip, one of my favorite things is checking my DVR. There are always a few recorded delights to snuggle into the couch and watch.  One of my new favorites is The Good Wife.  Every character on this show is so sexy, I don't even know where to start.... but the women are dynamos.  Alicia Florrick is quiet, stormy, smart and complicated.

Diane Lockhart is sultry, feminine powerful and brilliant.

 Kalinda is completely independent, shut off, cunning, and can kiss anyone and everyone wants to kiss her.

I want to BE every single one of them without having to be a lawyer or working that hard.

Any suggestions?



  1. Dear Katie, you my dear are very much like the ladies on the good wife (my favorite show BTW). In fact so much so I found my way to your blog and I've been hooked... A little stalkerish I know but social media helps to blurs those lines now-a-days. Glad I met you at Mastros a while back & I LOVE the blog!

    P.s. my guy and I were throwing back shots of tequila at the bar & you were having date night with a fab Chanel bag... Oh yea, and sum dude.

    1. Kua!

      I just NOW saw this....all this time later. You guys were so darling and so much fun.

      Thank you for the love!