Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where have all the Cowboys gone

After a brief respite, I made myself watch The Bachelor again.  He's down to his last bits and bobs. In this episode, he was meeting the parents.  The most alarming stars of this one were the folks responsible for spawning these damaged gals.  Let me break it down:

Review of the Dads:

1. Lindzi's Dad - Fail. No wonder she has no self esteem. You would give Lindzi away like a bitch in a litter.  Shemp is could you take him in and welcome him that easily?  You are a slut.

 (Look at this clown pandering to Shemp)

2. Kasey's Dad - Well done, dad. Shemp/Ben is gross.  I might try to make out with you because of your open disdain for him.

3. Nicky's Dad - Vanilla. I don't even have feedback.

4. Cortney's Dad - Bad argyle sweater.  Tried to pretend to ask the hard questions, but you clearly don't care.

Everyone makes me sick (except for Kasey's he shares my hatred for Shemp).

Seeing how sad these people are makes the loss of someone like Larry even more pronounced.


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