Friday, February 3, 2012

Destination Divorce

One of my friends is recently divorced. As in it was official less than 24 hours ago.  We are currently on an annual girls trip in Snowmass.  Ladies, if you get divorced....come to Snowmass.  There are darling men everywhere you turn.  This is my "boot boyfriend" Matt.

They all flirt, they are all manly and they are all fit.



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  1. Oh Katie, so true. I moved to Snowmass after KU for a boy I had met there, it fizzled after 3 months of living together, so I moved out, found an apt in Aspen and kept right on living there and boy oh boy, it was heaven. It's a town where the men to women ratio is like 9 to 1, so ladies have the pick fo sho. And, not only are they flirty, manly, and fit, but most of them are super intelligent, well-traveled, and don't mind picking up the tab.

    Of course, now I live in Kansas City, happily in love with a boy from OP, but my time in Aspen/Snowmass was definitely memorable and the first place I'd go with a broken heart. :)