Sunday, March 25, 2012

Supermom: bottom 5 things I said to my kids this week

I wrote them down because as they were coming out of my mouth I didn't have anyone to kick and eyeroll at.

5.  We have pickles. We have pretzels.  No one is going to starve today.
4.  You guys keep walking in front of me like dogs that won't heel.
3.  Everyone gets a shampoo this week whether you need it or not.
2.  Yes.  I'm positive you wore underpants yesterday.
                         And at number one we have...
1.  I think I liked it better when you were sad.

How am I doing?



  1. Dum,

    Well done you! Number one is hands down my favorite. Nothing like a sad, pouting child. You get some peace and quiet. Oh...and I love pickles.


  2. I like them all!! My favorite thing that I've ever said to my kids is "WHAT PART OF LEAVE ME ALONE DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!?!?!?!??!" Yes, I yelled it (thus the all caps) and yes, I then went and cried in my pillow because I felt like the WORST human being on the planet, but they still love me, so I guess I didn't do more damage than I can afford to foot the therapy bill for later on. Happy Parenting!!

  3. My top 3:

    3. Because I like Abby more.
    2. Because I like George more.
    1. Oh, that voice! I should only hear that octave if you are being eaten by a shark.

    Rob's top 3:

    3. Everybody shut up
    2. Everybody shut up
    1. Seriously, I demand silence


  4. This is such a fun game - can it please become a regular segment? Kind of like Mind Your Manners Monday - it could be Things I've Said To My Kids Thursday! :-)