Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Bachelor, the Women Tell Alzzzzz...

Sorry, I just dozed off.  So, to recap, a bunch of glammed up one-sleeve dress wearing whiny babies all need Ben to explain to them why they went home.  He's like I picked the girls I liked the most so if I didn't pick you that means I liked the other ones more.  Have some self respect, ladies.  When someone dumps you the only thing to do is act like you were never into it the first place.  Duh.  Two things saved this Ambien of a show for me.  1) Crying Courtney gave me a legitimate giggle.  2) The peanut gallery of one in the back row.

I don't know who she is but she was rocking a side braid and would call out things like "WHUT WHOA" and "BOO HOO!" and "OH!  Are you going to cry now baby?!".  She was bleeped like six times.  Thank you, Side Braid.  And I will be using your signature phrase "bat shit crazy" and thinking of you.

I know it's not a lot but it's all I got and I stand behind it.



  1. Dum,

    Do I need to re-think my purchase of that one-sleeve dress I bought?! Oh No!

    My DVR didn't record this for some reason, and I'm feeling super cheated. It would be fun to chug martinis and howl at these mentally challenged broads. Wait, broad is too good of a word....pinheads.


  2. Still can't watch. I do the "look away from the tv and pretend it's not happening" every time they're on.