Tuesday, March 6, 2012

JFK to LAX: The true life story of the gays and grays of the sky

Traveling is one of my favorite things.  Clearly, the Dums have been traveling quite a bit lately.

I have all of my "status" with American Airlines.  It's difficult, once you establish a certain level, to stray to another airline. (I almost always get my upgrades and when I'm in a pickle, the Exec Platinum desk is stellar.)  One of the big downsides to American Airlines is that the flight attendants are like Reps for Palm Springs.

(These gals may have been hot in the Pan Am Generation)

If there isn't a cranky, old ho limping down the aisle, it's an uber-bitch flitting down the aisle:

If I have to pick, I'm taking the virile, fun and bitchy men.  Those brittle-boned geriatrics would snap in two in the event of an emergency.  Do you think one of those arthritic, wrinkled ladies could hoof you out of a burning airliner?  That dude pictured above COULD!  In fact, I think he chugged a beer, told someone to fuck off, pulled the slide and jumped out after she pissed him off. (Does anyone remember that?)

I love male flight attendants, the other gals should possibly be put out to pasture. Sorry ladies.


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