Monday, March 12, 2012

The Help is not helping

I have a history of hiring not super great cleaning ladies.  And also not firing them when they aren't so great.  I go with my heart, and that is where I get stuck.  With a dirty house.  Danuta was 105 years old and cleaned our house with a rag and a bucket of water for three years.  Most of the time she wore only her panty hose and a t shirt.  To my husbands horror.  It ended when she had a smack down with the babysitter.  So complicated.  Today when my cleaning lady left I had to send some pics to the dums.

She doesn't dust the dining room.

Or the mantle.  She doesn't dust.

There are two books, a sock and a Polly Pocket handbag under the ottoman.  And you can't see this but lots of cheerios.

I have held on because she does the laundry but it is always wrinkled and nothing is put away in the right place.  How is my plaid button up doing with the fox stole tucked in?

The stove is dirty.  The floor is dirty.  The appliances are dirty.  She's never even touched the playroom.  And after two years, I fired her today.  I guess you could say I'm cleaning house.


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  1. Well done you! Finally dropping the ax. I'm so we both know who needs to be next. Get on it.