Saturday, March 31, 2012

I am Friday night drunk dialing all of you right now

Sometimes, people have martinis.

The fact that I could type that last sentence is a friggin miracle of baby Jesus.  For the Catholics, this makes sense ( i had to type and re-type that ... maybe Jesus isn't down with the Catholics )  Anyhoooooo

On a Friday night people are generally hooping, hollering and having a giggle.  I'm flying Hans Solo with my fat ass dog and hope that something decent is taped on my DVR.  Yay me.

Signed Hopeless, Party of one ( i had to re type that four times....i love you gin)

(i hit jjm....and re did it)

p.s. sadly the only one taking advantage of me is dolly...her farts have burned off my eyebrows


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