Monday, March 12, 2012

The Cure-all on Canon Drive

With the summer-like weather we have been having, I checked into The Montage Beverly Hills.  The folks on the staff were gorgeous, efficient and helpful.  After popping into the 1,100 square foot, beautifully appointed Deluxe Suite, I went immediately to the pool.

85 degrees, sunny and absolutely stunning.   They have some delicious light fare poolside as well:

(90210 Cobb Salad with a crisp, refreshing glass of Sancerre)

After a perfect day in the sun, I freshened up, and went downstairs.  I was taken aback by the gorgeous flowers in the foyer:

(Flower arrangements by Squareroot)

If all of that fabulous-ness isn't enough to knock your socks off, go to the bar and have one of these:

The Montage is stellar.  Well done to Chris Olthoff and his amazing team.  Having been a patron to the Laguna location, I was delighted to have the full Montage experience in Beverly Hills.  This is a MUST stay if you are visiting L.A..  And, if you live in L.A., you should still go in for a night just because or visit their spa to "get away".  The only bad part of this dream was having to leave.

I love you Montage.


p.s. Just because Tiffany referenced my outfit in the comments of a previous post.
I'm going to post it. (I think it looks a bit like one of the skanks on the Bachelor)


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    1. Kyle,

      Next time I'm giving you a head's up so you'll come lay by the pool with me.