Friday, March 1, 2013

Speaking of sisters and the midwest

Once upon a time I dated a guy from Kansas who loved show tunes*and Canadian tuxedos (jeans with jean jacket).  He also was a midget in a giants body.  Anyhoo.  No one in my life was really pro this relationship.   He worked with my brother and there were a lot of mutual friends who all shook their heads and asked "Why, Kristen?  Why??"  It lasted about a year because when I was in my early twenties I would give anyone a year of my life, no questions asked.  But the thing I remember most about this relationship is my sister Megan's reaction to him.  She was maybe 13 at the time so her opinion didn't always get the respect it deserved but she nailed it when she said, "If we saw him on the street you would say, 'Megan, there's your boyfriend'".  Ouch.  For both of us.  But mostly him.


*to be fair he did have a really big voice

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  1. Dummy,
    Oh dear. I remember this one. He did indeed look like a tall dwarf. What was it about him? His over-sized head? Wasn't he also this guy: "shhhhhh" ? Sick. I would judge, but I too have had some dandies in my twenties. Thanks God they are over.