Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Undercover Tightwads

The Ricketts Family
On my favorite network, TLC, they have a show called Undercover Boss. (actually it's CBS, but I watch the repeats on TLC) If you aren't familiar with  it, they take a CEO, put him or her in disguise and have them apply for bottom level jobs.  In the process they get to know their employees and the problems within the company as a "team member".

Anyway, at the end when they reveal the true identity to the unsuspecting employees that "trained them", they usually do this huge gifting process.  Like, we want to give you $25,000 and buy you a car.  Or, we would like to pay off your debt and send you to college.  This was not the case with the friggin Chicago Cubs family owners. Of course the brothers and sisters sent the youngest, Todd to deliver the sad news.   They offered things like, "We are making a plaque with your name on it" and " I know no one thanks you for the job you do, so on behalf of all of the owners, thank you"

Seriously?  You guys paid $850 million for that team and you couldn't cough up $100k to distribute among those employees you interviewed?  

Poor Todd.

You know those guys were thinking.  Um...I'm on UNDERCOVER BOSS??? This is the break I've been needing! Or not at all.

Thanks for the lousy plaque.


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