Friday, September 21, 2012

Inside the N(erd) F L

Recently while watching the "Inside the NFL", I was so embarrassed for Phil Simms.

Not only did he try to take all of the fun and vigor out of the game, he was rocking back and forth like a troubled person,  he looked like the worlds biggest nerd ever:

He relentlessly tried to bump up against the hilarious fun of Chad Johnson (love him or hate him, he is a giggle):

Pictured here with no jersey as he needs a home after head butting his property(aka wife)

CHILD, PLEEEEEASE....  Chad tried to teach all of the Inside the NFL staff how to say this to no avail.  NFL, I'm begging someone to take Chad back...someone.  He is a friggin' delight.  He is not only an elite athlete, he's a brilliant entertainer. 


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