Friday, September 7, 2012

Am I hot or no

It always baffles the mind when people have an over-inflated sense of self.  Perhaps because I'm so hard on myself as are the Dummies.  If I creep up to 118-119lbs, I panic.  If my hair isn't done and my nails are chipped, I'm off my game.  If I'm working out twice a week, I am not fit, I'm just getting by. Noods and Dum constantly keep the bar so friggin' high that it's a huge motivator to not let myself go.  Oh wait. I have

Then there are people that think more like Mama:

"I may not be the most beautimous out of the box, but put a little paint on this barn and shine it back to it's original condition, cause it shines up to look like it's brand new." - Mama

A brand new WHAT?  Now do get me wrong, I love Mama, but she is huge and needs some lip gloss.

Um are you looking into a magic mirror?  Where can I get one?


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