Sunday, September 23, 2012

Panic Me Clairvoyant. Who knew?!

It's 1:39 am on a Saturday and I'm not typing this because I had some awesome night.  I'm typing it because I'm about 98% sure I'm about to die....seriously.  Just when I was about to push this:

My old friend/bandmate contacted me on facebook.  If there was ever an angel in heaven, it's her.  Not only a kick ass drummer, she is a superstar EMT. (wait, are you a paramedic Cyn? Sorry)  After we went through my physical symptoms she reassured me nothing was likely wrong with me rather  I might be connected to something or someone much bigger/ ghosts and shit.  So, I started to talking to my Dad.

I'm much more interested in this theory.  Regardless of whether or not it's accurate, it immediately calmed me down.

What a relief it would be to just understand I'm just the next Long Island Medium and not a nutter butter.

Now, who wants a reading?!

Let's do this.


p.s.  Seriously Cyn, thank you so much for your compassion, expertise and input in my time of need

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  1. So glad I could help to calm your anxiety down! I'm not usually on Facebook at that time so I'm glad the timing worked out! I'm just an EMT but this is beyond my emergency medical training.

    Good luck on your new journey of discovery, no matter how it turns out. Like I said...if it turns out to be the source of your anxieties? I'm envious!