Thursday, August 16, 2012

Non voyage! Destination: our house

When we moved to the Jersey Shore almost five years ago there was some confusion regarding vacations.  Me: "So, where should we go next summer?"  Husband: "Um, to the beach.  That's why we live here."  But, I was thinking if I live here then how is staying here all summer a vacation to me?  I think of vacation as being somewhere I don'

So when my brother and I started making plans to get our families together for a week every summer (they live in San Francisco) I was so on board.  For the last five years we have rented houses in random places.  Vacation!

This year we revisited my husbands original thought and decided to vacay at our own house.  And, even though I like to get away in the summer I have to call it a success.  Besides the mail piling up in the box (I'm on vacation so can't take it out) it was surprisingly very relaxing.

Love you Darwin's (and the Shore you're pretty sweet too.),


  1. The best bit about staycations. Are that they are easier on the wallet. Unless you do them like me, and Book montage Beverly hills so you can chill at the Pool. That is superdum. I could have flown to Paris with that money.

    I'm Dum

  2. We had an awesome time (although you PROMISED we would see Snooki). Thank you for the vacay/stacay.

  3. Jack not satisfied with drowning Maisy in this pic he is also trying to pull Bo down as well. Togetherness drowning! Hold on, Bo.