Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Airplane Movie Reviews: Installment number 1

LAX to JFK, flight #32.  Flight duration: 5.5 hours.

Films viewed:
- Battleship
-The Lucky One

Easily two of the worst films I have ever seen.  Let's break them down (not difficult)


In the name of being positive, I'll start with the parts I liked:
-The :30 that Peter Berg was on the screen
-Looking at Alexander Skarsgard (except I missed his fangs)

Aside from those points, I'm pretty sure the producers passed out bad acting pills and made everyone take them.  And the script? Seriously?  The Friday Night Lights guy needs to stick with Friday night lights.  Anyway, thank you Rhianna  for making it semi bearable.

Final Grade: C-

Now, The Lucky One:

Again, in the name of being positive, I'll start with the parts I liked:
- The dog
-Blythe Danner

All of the dogs ruled this film

Dogs aside, I think the chances of Zac Efron being a marine are zero out of zero.  And Taylor Schilling, while darling, somehow reads as his mother.  I have to be honest, I fast forwarded about 30-40 minutes of this film because I had to be sure the dog lived.

Final grade:  D



  1. I would make it through boot camp before Zac Efron. Hollywood is so dumb (with a b).


  2. I would rather talk to my neighbor in the middle seat than watch either of these. Bad movies bring out my rage. I take them personally.