Monday, July 9, 2012

Siri: the friend your parents warned you about

My friend Taryn is a great lady.  She is smart, funny, kind-hearted and carries herself with a confident elegance that few possess.  She never speaks poorly of others and I had never heard her curse....until she met Siri.

Since she "upgraded" to Siri, there has been a definite slide in the language.  Last night this came out of her mouth:

"Siri, find me stripclubs"  "Siri find me sluts"  (I think someone told her this was a funny thing to do)

When Siri did not give the desired response, Taryn said, "Siri, you are a fucking bitch". 
When Taryn had calmed down, she told Siri she was "a big disappointment" and Siri responded with, "If you say so"... which ended in Taryn barking "Fuck you Siri".

Best ever.  Don't let your kids hang out with Siri.



  1. I'm getting Siri bc I already love to cuss, and this will just give me a reason to.

    1. AA. that is genius. You will love having Siri then. That bitch brings it out in everyone!