Sunday, July 15, 2012

ESPY's week

Day one of ESPY's week was a lot of this.  Zzzzz.  Yes, I traveled to LA just to get in Katie's bed and stay there for eighteen hours.  Someone (me) had the flu and the full on stress of having it the next day but rallying and having some kind of flu related episode at the actual ESPY's made me want to cry but I was too tired and had the shivers.  Thankfully Katie is a pharmacy and had Tamilflu on hand...


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  1. You poor thing. I had never seen a sadder sack get off of an airplane. You went into a full on coma. As for my "pharmacy" love interest always comments on it. And is always making requests. The reason I have such a glorious buffet of every kind of pharmecutical, is because I don't take them. I am a pill hoarder. That Tamiflu was for India, and although I got sick, I didn't take it just in case. what? I don't know, but my friends seem to find that it all comes in handy.

    I always got your back, in a weird drug dealer way.