Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Hippie in the making

As the daughter of a surgeon, I've always been a huge fan of Western medicine.  This doesn't mean I don't dig yoga, or reiki healers, it just means that I'm happy to suck down a z pack if I have phlegm in my throat or a UTI (and of course I dig fake titties, peels and eyelid surgeries). 

After my most recent trip to India, I noticed something pretty dodgy.  My gut was distended all the time, I had been constantly exhausted and no amount of sleep or diet was helping.  Then my boyfriend Dr. Oz did an episode about friggin worms in  your gut.  What the??? GROSS, but I had all the telltale signs.  (no worms were NOT coming out of my brown star)  What did you think this sexy western surgeon suggested?  1000mg of garlic a day, papaya seeds with a tablespoon of honey and a cup of wormwood tea a day. If that isn't a hippie remedy, I don't know what is.  I've been doing it for a week and I swear to teenage Jesus ( I stole that from Kyle Neven) I'm better!

Now that I'm a hippie, I hope my hygiene doesn't go next.  On that note, I'm getting in the shower.



  1. I always say we should trust Jesus... especially "Teenage Jesus" during his exhibitionist and experimental phase. (fyi, I must have worms too! I am seriously having a 'gut issue' and I really think I need to do a natural "get the frack out of me" cleanse. And I have all the ingredients so I am starting right now!)

  2. Seriously. Do you know 46% of people diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome actually have worms in their guts! True fact. Hit your wormwood people!

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  4. Seriously- no jesus nothing here... I am freaking out as I have been dealing with this for so long I was beginning to worry it was all in my head. I started my cleanse about a week ago now and everything is getting better. I don't want to get too gross here as some things need to be kept private. But for what I understand, all this Organic food transports threadworms very easily. I am a guy too so I will eat right out of the bag at the farmers market. So trust me, we all may have these bugs in us... I forgot about living in Australia where the entire country was told to take Vermox twice a year. And that's all we ate there was organic. I cannot wait to show Katie my abs this Sunday as I have now lost all the inflammation around my gut, my intercostals are showing again and I have lost 2.5" in my waist. My eye whites are also white again and my energy levels have skyrocketed. I actually went to Cheerleading practice on Tuesday and was so nervous about hanging in there as I still could do a strong hour of fitness a couple times a day normally, but was falling apart with any activity longer than that. Well I was surprised as I just as strong at the end of practice as I was back in my collage days- even after three hours of training and I know it's because I am getting rid of these worms. And yes, I see them now in the stool and I start to shake and panic a bit because I know I have a few more weeks of this because the big ones are still alive and it's so emotional as I just want them all out now. Katie I am so grateful that I read the post as I just never thought about this possibility.

  5. Kyle what cleanse are you doing?

  6. I just finished Parastroy (it includes parasweep and pararid). And now I am doing Internal Parasite Formula by HealthForce as it also kills Candida. Three of my male straight trainer friends have also started and we are so disgustingly curious... We all are now seeing 1" to 1.5" threadworms in our stool and save them in the freezer to show each other. I think we are all still sort of in disbelief that these are really worms and not just digested veggies but upon comparing our diets and what we are seeing, we all think they are real. So gross but I cannot tell you how amazing I feel. I just want to kill the grandmothers as they are the last to go so the next 17 days are gonna be rough as I am now doing 10 pills a day and it's very toxic.