Friday, July 27, 2012

L.A. has no Soul

No Bowl of Soul that is.  (Which is the MOST delicious coffee in the world)

There is one place where one can find a delicious cappuccino. The "Traditional Italian Cappuccino" to be precise.  It's at Urth Cafe.

My only beef with Urth is that it's filled with what makes L.A. so goofy.  It's a place with it's own head so far up it's own bunghole, it has to fart to breathe.

Here is a break down of the clientele: 

*Lots of pseudo moms ( super smug and yet it's more than likely the only hour they see their kids...the rest of the day they pass them to the nanny)
*Lots of hopeful actors
*Lots of fake hipsters (real-ish ones are on the East Side or in NYC)
*Studio musicians who aren't on tour (I'm partial to these folks for obvious reasons)

To be fair, I probably have a dash of every one of those bad qualities except the fake mom bit.  So, for all intents and purposes, I belong there.  However,   I'm much more comfortable at Le Pain in Brentwood, but the coffee is certainly not as delicious

Sigh. What's a middle-aged woman to do?


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