Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leave it to the professionals, part 3

Every day at my house is like Open Mic Night.  All three of my kids think they are comedians and practice their craft constantly.  It's all nonsense and silliness and the opposite of funny to me.  Here is something you might hear, "You don't even know what sushi tastes like, Chicken.  Are you a chicken?"  "Yeah.  Bok bok bok.  Bok bok bok.  Bok bok bok." Hysterical laughter.  Just ridiculous.

So it was a REAL pleasure to witness Rob Riggle* blow the doors off as the host of the ESPY's last week.  He killed it.  That is how it's done, kids.


*Full disclosure, he is Noodle's husband but I would be a fan anyway.

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  1. My chubby cheeks were quivering I was laughing so hard/smiling for so long. That was an epic evening, and Riggle did indeed kill it. So cool. Noods must have jumped her man that night...oh no wait, we didn't leave them alone until FIVE AM. We are the worst. Sorry Noods...Sorry Riggs. You guys rock.