Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yeongeorul malsum halsu isseoyo?

Curiosity and humor tend to rule my life.  I like to know the how and why of things, and I REALLY appreciate a good chuckle.  Both would motivate me to take Korean language classes.   Like, WTF are the Korean ladies giggling about while I sit in the pedi chair? That...and there's nothing funnier than whitey, white girl busting out in Asian-speak.  Love, Noods


  1. I want to learn Portuguese for similar reasons. But more importantly what did you to our font?

    Love you longtime,

  2. Yeah, that font is whack. Here is the extent of my mani pedi verbal skills:

    Korean: anya ha say oh ( means hello., how are you)

    Vietnamese: Kum on. ( means thank you )

    I'm a true linguist clearly


    Ps that

  3. Sound this out loud....
    "you lie crytol jeaw? I pu fo you"
    "You ha boy freen? Why you no ha boyfreen?"

    Compliments of Anjelah Johnson. Check it: