Monday, June 18, 2012

That's a fact

Nope, haven't read it yet.  But the title made me think of my sister in law and her fear of snipers.  It's a REAL fear, like she does look up probably every day to check what she thinks would be good "positions".  And it just makes it all the more unfortunate for her (or brave of her) that she lives in San Francisco.  Someone with a fear of snipers should be hunkering down in the flat lands.

Here's what happened.  When she was a kid some a-hole older neighbor boy showed her a scar on his stomach and said it was from a sniper.  And she believed it.  Granted she was eight years old but she is now considerably older and she STILL believes his story!  And won't hear any talk about the scar being most likely from an appendectomy or a hernia.  Absolutely not.  He was shot by a sniper.  Fact.

What is your irrational fear?*  Sorry, Erin I know you don't think of it as irrational.


*Mine is practically everything.  Except snipers.


  1. Fact: The neighbor was a grown man from New York and a Teamster. While he had no business strolling around shirtless, for sure he was sniped.
    Fact: I was in Virginia at the time of the very real Beltway sniper attacks.
    Fact: Rick and I were walking down the street at night once when suddenly there was a red laser beam positioned on the back of his head. Someone had him in their sniper scope. We BOTH ran.
    Fact: Snipers kill at random for no reason.
    I ask you: Who's irrational now?

  2. Do you really want to do this?

    A shirtless grown man neighbor tells you he was a sniper victim. From New York. And a Teamster. You just made my point. I'm surprised he didn't mention his time as a motion picture star. A "talkie"!

    Also, lots of people have laser pens. Making people run by pointing one at their heads is probably a legitimate party game.

  3. Okay girls...stop all of this, I'm going to mediate.

    I'm with Dum on the fact that a Teamster is not to be trusted.


    E has a point that snipers kill at random for no reason. SF is definitely a hot bed of mentally uneven folk, thus exacerbating her situation.

    Keep checking those towers E. Dum and I are going to get our spinal meningitis checked. We'll get back to you.


  4. Katie my point is he was never a teamster! Or a mobster. Or a new Yorker. Or a sniper victim. Honestly the teamster bit solidified my original theory.. He was a grown man with a belly scar. Who told scary stories. The end.