Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Travel Tuesdays: Rx

Vegas, 2012
The summer of my junior year in college I took a little European backpack trip.  At the last minute my mom gave me some Immodium to pack and at the time I thought it was silly.  Cut to me in a shared bathroom of a cheap hotel in Barthelona* with a gunshot case of the twirlies.  I thought I would die right there on the dirty tile floor.  Then I remembered the Immodium.  I crawled back to my room and took two.  When I say that stuff saved my life that night I am not being dramatic.  Which brings me to the Never Ever Travel Without list.  Mine is short.

Immodium.  See above.
Advil.  Seems obvious but I have probably spent hundreds at airports and hotel shops on this stuff and on a recent girls trip to Miami I was the only one carrying.  My stash lasted a day and a half.  Why does everyone forget Advil?
Gas X.  Also saved me in Vail one summer.  I almost jumped out of a moving car to make the pain stop.  When you feel like someone is stabbing you in the back take Gas X.
Pepcid ac.  Saved me in Turks and Caicos when I thought I had a bleeding spleen tumor (I saw a doctor and everything) but I really just had a bad tummy.
Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D.  Sometimes I have trouble sleeping when I'm traveling.  Whether it is the time change or adrenaline or the pressure to get extra sleep.  Who knows.  But this magical cocktail from my acupuncturist sorts me out.  Also Melatonin for that extra punch to the face that is insomnia.

The thing is I almost never need any of this in my regular life.  And its prob all expired.  But I fear pack it anyway.  Am I missing anything?  Except maybe I shouldn't travel?


*That's for you, Rick


  1. Those are good recommendations, however, mine would look more like:
    If traveling to a bizarre place (like India)
    Antibiotics (for Delhi belly)
    Gas X for sure.