Friday, February 21, 2014

Does this upset you? It upsets me.

In my quest to become less sarcastic and more earnest like my friend Wendy who's humor and straightforwardness I admire greatly, I did not call this post "Wow how did you fit all of those dishes in there? #superefficient #skills"

I am obsessed with organization and efficiency.  I want to know the best place to put the wooden spoon or the cheese grater or the guest bedding.  I want to know how to store my Halloween decorations so I can find them next year.  Or where to put my marriage license.  I think about this stuff all. The. Time.  And the sad bit is that I am HORRIBLE at it.  I will order twelve different sized storage bins and then get paralyzed by my options and end up putting everything in Hefty bags.  When I got my P-Touch (the universal symbol for anal retentive) I thought it made sense to put it in my china cabinet (?) and then couldn't find it for six months.  I will look for a copy of my living will and instead find every utility bill from 2003.  And so on.

I just have backwards-itis when it comes to organization and it kills me.  But even I know that this is the worst possible way you could load that dishwasher.


PS.  I took them all out and reloaded approx thirty more dirty things.

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  1. That is the oldest trick in the book. The old " i don't do it as good, so you should just do it". Don't be fooled! Ron always does this with reservations, finding cool new bars, keeping the hotel bathroom tidy, squeezing the toothpaste from the bottom. Try a revolt and see if someone else will nut up!