Thursday, February 20, 2014

Don't hate me because I look like I hate you

I don't know what it says about me that I think about my facial expression when I am out in public.  That I want to appear pleasant and easy going and approachable.  I'm not super out going but I am friendly and it occurs to me that if I won't make eye contact with people at least I can look like I would be nice to you if you said hello.  Because I would!

Anyway I have a friend who is the sweetest thing on the planet but she always has Bitchy Resting Face* and people who don't know her just assume she is a grumpy hater.  And I have defended her on a number of occasions because it's something that people notice and mention to me.  That is just how her face looks, I say.  She is as sweet as the day is long.

Do I tell her?  I think that would just make her self conscious..?


*Maisy has it too


  1. I have it too - I had a guy tell me once that he wanted to ask me to dance (YEARS ago :) ) but I looked like I would kick his (butt) if he said anything - my friend standing next to me said, "SEE?? I told you!" - runs in the family? :D

  2. Tell her she looks so beautiful when she smiles - - -
    I think a nice compliment might be good enough for her to understand what you are trying to say.

  3. So weird, I'm the opposite. Everyone wants to come up and visit and I just want them to EFF OFF.