Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baby it's cold outside, let's kill our marriage

Remember that time when there was an ice storm and we had a key party?  No, you don't because that shit is crazy. Who ever thought that key parties were just the thing?  Did someone say, "Hey, why don't you hook up with my best friend and I'll hook up with that dude from around the corner and it will be super funny"???  I don't even want to play that in a game of Would You Ever.  If you ever would you best keep that to yourself.  Why not just call it I want to divorce you very soon.

Today there's like eight feet of snow where I live.  Polar vortex and all that nonsense.  And now you know what I haven't been up to.


PS This is an alarming example of the influence Hollywood has over my perceptions - as soon as the temps drop below freezing I assume everyone is wife swapping.  You could show me pictures of neighbor friends in bed together with a date stamp of July and I would not believe it.  Photoshopped!  But come winter, everyone is jumping into bed together.  Of course they are, I say to myself, it's very very cold.  And I saw the movie.


  1. Wait...key parties don't exist anymore? Don't I feel like a heel.


  2. Replies
    1. Well said Dum Dum...well said.

      Now, where is that damn bowl?