Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hot tip of the week/Gooperdum

I don't consider myself a bossy person.  I think I've only yelled once on this blog.  About mammograms.  But if you live where it snows you need to buy these boots.  I have done the research (read: bought lots of other boots) and I can tell you that the search has ended for the perfect pair of snow boots.  My journey began here...

The Ugg boot

Acquired in California (where they were worn with cutoffs and a bikini top, duh) and perfectly cozy unless it's wet.  If it's wet you are wearing sponges on your feet.

Next up...

The wellie

Acquired in London and great for rainy days but no insulation and the knee length makes them tricky with anything but a skinny jean or leggings.

So we went to...

The shearling lined lace up Sorel

In theory the perfect boot.  Cozy and sturdy and ankle length.  In reality they are clown shoes.

Maybe the classic Bean boot is the answer?

Close but tying laces is a pain when you are running in and out of the house thirty times a day (we have a puppy).

Which brings us to...

The Thinsulate lined Sorel pull on boot!

It has everything!  Easy access, cozy lining, waterproof, ankle length, midget bowling, Chilean huffers, lug suits...

Gwyneth Stefon Kristen

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  1. I have to say on the sexy scale, I am a huge fan of the lace up classic sorel.