Monday, July 27, 2015

PPV Review Installment #4

Movie: John Wick


*Keanu "I get sexier with every passing minute" Reeves
*Alfie " You scare me but I want to shag you" Allen
*William "my face looks like rubber, but no one is cooler than me" Dafoe and last but not least
*Daisy "the most darling beagle in history" the dog.

This film KILLED. Literally.  It was not unlike one of my other favorites, "Man on Fire". (I really like when the protagonist kills everyone)

"John Wick" did not disappoint in this arena, and unlike a lot of TV shows and films now, they don't make you go through painstaking fight scenes.  He just kicks every ones' asses, kills them and moves on.

The moral of this story:  Don't mess with someone's dog.....especially John Wick's (or mine for that matter)

This was 110% worth the $5.99 it cost to rent.


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