Saturday, July 25, 2015

Deaf and distracted

We take a trip every August with my brother and his family who live in California.  He has two boys and our kids don't historically get along.  Which I'm fine with.  The point is that once a year they have to hang out with their cousins.  And every year I feel like it gets a little better between them.  So in prep for the trip Maisy says to me:

Do you think that he (cousin) will think I've matured?

Me:  Why would he think that you're a turd?  You might have been a turd last year but I think you're on the right track now and he's going to see that...

Maisy:   Mommy!

Me:  What?  Oh!  Yes he's going to think you've matured.  No ones a turd.  Sorry.


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